Thursday, July 13, 2006

How can we communicate using a plastic knife/HIBRID 8 featuring SURSA group withLOADING performance

Many times the schemes can be memorized and worst ,even used continuously.
This is not a performance,it's an experiment!Questions doesn't stop at answers.Them recreate a space,"battle-field",with a strong position in the contemporary society.The answer transform the question and on the other way the question transform the answer,looking for the border between artificial and natural.
Where is the final of the artificial and where is the beginning of the natural?
How much is truth and how much is it fake?
The 2 identical performing personage are punched with a sigle , like SF heroes are,already common, invented by the society(Superman,Batman, Spider man,etc).But they communicate separated ,by a glass wall in these case,not knowing what questions or what answers they will get.
Is it there automatism or cliche in contemporary social system(society)?
The experiment has its place in the delikat-ed area of communication!

foot note: The following are questions and answers written on the gallery's window ,by the 2 identical performing personages. The window was prepared before with chocolate strips on both sizes of the glass window.

1. What do the arbitrators say?
1. On 8 and 10 they enjoy their success, on 12, 13 and 21 inspiration is remarkable.
2. They fight life!
2. How can we play, then?
3. Boy , what do you say?
3. Breasts asymmetry in the matter of their size, form or their positioning is not a problem.
4. What are your coordinates?
4. Breaking the bones to extract the marrow!
5. How much shit can you eat?
5. How can I answer to you?

SURSA group/Loading
LOADING performance /2005/is part of the show"How can we communicate using a plastic knife"-HIBRID 8/video installation

curators: Theo Pelmus (CA) & Bogdan Pelmus (RO)
credit:SURSA group (Magda Pelmus,Florina Nita,Bogdan Pelmus)/RO

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