Sunday, July 23, 2006

DOWN/ works & concept

paintings/oil on canvas/2005

A project about the separation/detachment issue from the urbane(city) space.
I,the ONLOOKER, look at the city from another "angle ", from another "point of view".

The only escape from this "crazy" and mental congested , it's UP / ABOVE.
Details are going to be lost and became unimportant.
We are loosing more and more from our vital space... City's town-planning became more and more "tired", "overloaded"...
It's about the " anxiety" of the crowded places, a kind of an "city phobia".

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sofialomb said...

I like them all i identify with cityphobia moreover human phobia meaning the new social human mask.
The second painting reminded me the technich of Van Gogh in Night and stars. However, it's meaning it is completely different.

Really good works